Ochakko closing ceremony – report

by Kaicho

ochakko201601sAfter three and a half years Ochakko is being closed down and the structure is being donated to a local group.  While it is a bit sad perhaps, as we leave behind some good memories, in the end we should realize that it was not the building that made it memorable but the people we met and the things that were done at Ochakko.  We should also be glad that the needs of the community are evolving and moving forward and we can be proud that through Ochakko, we at nadia, were able to be a small part of that process.
ochakko201602sAs I said at the ceremony, the building Ochakko was simply a building, but Ochakko was about the people and the community.  Many thanks to Kayo, Team 3-11, and all others that made it what it was.  We hope that even if the building is gone, we can continue building on the relationships we have created and can continue to help the community going forward.

Many thanks to Air Liquide, and the many other sponsors and volunteers that made this possible.ochakko201605s

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