Active Volunteering

nadia has a few main volunteering tasks to fulfill at the time being:

– House moving: We help people move their belongings to their temporary housing. We help them settle in by fixing shelves or any other small jobs.

– Gutter clearing: We are in charge of the entire Yoshinocho gutter network (around HQ). Prepare to lift up cement covers and dig out black sediment mud.

– House & building repair help: We prepare the houses to be repaired. We take out all small parts of dry board, nails, wood or floors in a neat matter so the pro carpenters can do a nice repair job. We sometimes help fixing floors, walls or windows for small repair jobs.

– Local economy revival help: We participate in local projects in order to accelerate the revival of local economy. This type of voluteering also needs tasks to be done from Tokyo. Corporate Volunteering is most welcome.