Get ready!

You might be a volunteer veteran with in depth knowledge of the intricacies of recovery work. Then you might not need to read the following. If you are not and consider joining a nadia trip for the first time, there is a need to keep in mind some basic principles of safety and the list of self-protection equipments that could help reduce the risks!

1)   Volunteer insurance is mandatory for everyone who joins nadia field works.  You can apply for you and your group at your closest Ward Office.

If you do not know where to go, here is an address where you can apply for it: Chuo-ku Shakai fukushi kyogikai ( Address :  4-1-5, Hacchobori, Chuo-ku; Tel: 03-3206-0506)

At the Shakai fukushi kyogikai, you will need to provide the name and address of all applicants. After filling the form, you will be sent to the nearest post office to pay around 1,000 JPY/applicant for the insurance. The Shakai Fukushi kyogikai will give you the insurance in exchange of the receipt from the post office. Then, all applicants will be covered for one year.

2)  Waterproof boots. At least to the ankle but higher the better. Best to havesteel plate in the sole to avoid possible problems with nail piercing through the sole (we had one such accident already),

3)     Good facial masks (construction type mask). The ones with a little metal bar that you can pinch around your nose. Heavy duty is better since the air is dusty and may contain some asbestos particles. Expect to burn thru 4 or 5 over a weekend,

4)     Goggles for eye protection. A lot of crap gets splashed around and would be nasty getting that in the eye. The air is extremely dusty as well so simple sunglasses won’t do the trick,

5)     Head gear, preferably a hard construction type helmet,

6)    Extra-Large and strong rubber gloves that you can fit thin construction gloves underneath for added protection and seal the wrist. You can easily go through 2 to 3 pairs over the weekend,

7)   Extra strong cotton construction outfit. You can wear leggings or light sportswear underneath. ,

8)   Fatigues or light plastic covering to go over your top and pants or both (breathable stuff is better). Cheap transparent raincoats can do the trick.

9)   A Waist-bag instead of a back-pack, for better maneuver. You can keep in it your ID, money, medication, etc. in a fashionable “Ziploc” as well as an army knife, a mirror, hand cream, tiger balm (for your mask in case you discover a treasure of rotten fish), extra masks and a bottle of water.

10) 1st aid kit for the group  (band aids, stitch-like tape, gauze, reg. tape, antibiotic cream, scissors, pain killers, imodium, shippu (sore muscles patches), eye drops for washing,

11)    Your most beautiful pink pyjama, grand piano, or both for the night(s) in a nearby accomodation,

12)    Your positive energy and smiling face

13) If you are planning to stay at the HQ, don’t forget to bring a towel, a sleeping bag and your favorite pillow!

Since the environment in Ishinomaki is still unstable in many ways, and because you are going to handle dangerous pieces of debris, there is a high risk to get injured or to cause injury to others. ALWAYS be in alert and extremely CAREFUL when you are on the field.

On top of these self protection items, you will have to handle some tools to work efficiently, such as shovels, claws and crowbars, wheelbarrows, garbage bags. They are provided by nadia in Ishinomaki.  If you feel like participating in the costs for tools, please let us know and we will specifically provide the tools you suggest.