A bit of history

195790_152622838138072_4607924_nnadia was born in March 2011 from the shared feeling that we had to take action in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March. To respond better to the needs of disaster-stricken areas and facilitate sponsorships, nadia was officially established as a not-for-profit organization (NPO) in January 2012.

In the early days we removed rubble mostly around Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture, then our recovery activities expanded to setting up large playground equipment to carry hope to the affected areas, taking children to Italy for homestays, and building a group home for the disabled.
In 2018 our teikan (NPO constitution) was amended to further expand the scope of our activities under the main objective of bringing hope to children. Our current regular activities include a large-scale soccer tournament for Tohoku children with international school children in Tokyo, bringing joy to children with serious disabilities or illnesses and supporting their family, and supporting a traditional children’s festival in Ishinomaki. Click here to read nadia’s objective.

nadia is a small but very international volunteer group, working under the motto of “hands have no nationality”. Come join us for one of our activities to find out more! Click here for nadia’s directors.

All of the money received through donations is used directly for expenses associated with our activities, and does not go to any personnel costs. We want to make sure the valuable donations are delivered to those who need our support the most.

Finally, a question we are often asked…

Why are we called nadia?
nadia means HOPE!