195790_152622838138072_4607924_nnadia was born late March 2011 from a spontaneous reaction between shock and empathy resulting from the dramatic 3.11 natural disasters in the Tohoku area of Japan,

nadia is an international volunteers group focusing on helping the recovery of devastated areas, mainly in Miyagi prefecture,

nadia has limited means but has been trying to federate the energy of those who are looking for a way to participate in a direct and transparent manner.

Concrete Action!

Our priority is to help in concrete and visible ways with low overhead, starting with the reconstruction of Ishinomaki by directly helping some inhabitants get back to their houses as quickly as possible to reduce the pressure on emergency shelters. We work hand in hand with local rebuilding associations to decide on new plans and actions. See Our Objectives.

We adapt towards further modes of action as local needs evolve.

Several years after the tsunami, interest and support from organisations and individuals have drastically decreased, while most of the locals are still living in “temporary” status, with pressing need for support. Nadia has and is going to continue the support of locals with whom strong bonds and trustworthy relationships have been created all these years.

Who is nadia?

nadia gathers a colorful mix of Japanese locals together with foreigners sharing a sense of urgency and do it yourself spirit. We are welcoming groups from various companies or associations who wish to gather with us do some concrete actions.

Activities are coordinated with the support of our local coordinator in Ishinomaki.

See Who is nadia?

How does nadia use possible donations?

All the money received through donations is used directly to cover some of the costs associated with working equipment and tools to clean-up houses, as well as material and means to rebuild houses.

More recently, we also directly support local communities who suffered from the tsunami through activities with and requested by locals (e.g. building of playgrounds, festivals, activities at temporary housing complex).

Why nadia?
simply means HOPE!