December 19/20 Ishinomaki Trip

We hope everyone is keeping warm and looking forward to the holiday season. There’s a lot of excitement in the air, and I’m sure there are many of you thinking of the good times to be shared at Christmas. The Christmas party we hosted at Kamome Gakuen last December was a very happy and memorable day for all of us at nadia, and this year there are over 80 children and adults looking forward to welcoming us again. We are now accepting applications for many Santas to bring joy to the wonderful children at Kamome.

kamome christmas 2014 01

Not so good with kids? Don’t worry, there are many other tasks we need your hands for, from preparing food to gardening at Kamome Gakuen (planting flower bulbs) and Atsuta Shrine (building flower beds from scratch), so it will be a good time for both the jolly and the stoic. Of course no nadia event is complete without our evening drinks!

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Ishinomaki Sanja Matsuri Volunteering in July

Summer is coming! Speaking of summer, YES, Matsuri season is also approaching. Nadia has supported a children’s matsuri called Sanja Matsuri every year since it was re-established in 2012, and we will do so again this year. We will leave Tokyo at midnight on Friday July 17th, and will come back on Monday the 20th (it’s a holiday!). Please join the event as the locals are really looking forward to seeing Nadians this year too. Somen noodles provided by the local women will be really tasty, especially after hard work! Kids are also welcome to enjoy the festival together with local kids. This will be a good opportunity to show the locals that they are not forgotten, and to provide support when they need it.

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sanja matsuri 2014