Yume Rakuwa

“Yume Rakuwa (夢・楽和)” held an exhibition between September 21 and 23. They called for donation to NADIA at the venue and they also donated their full proceeds from postcard sales and a part from the whole sales to NADIA!! All Yume Rakuwa members felt so happy since they could both enjoy themselves and support NADIA at the same time.


Stanley Black & Decker Thanks Report

06.Mar.2012: Tools donated by Stanley Black & Decker arrive in Nadia HQ!


09.Jun.2012: Volunteers being briefed on the shoyu factory cleaning job requiring large tanks to be washed. Pressure washers were very useful.

sbd-02        sbd-06        sbd-03

sbd-04sbd-05 06.Aug.2012: Grass-cutting where other houses used to be. When it is very long, people throw trash into it, and burglars a place to hide. It is so important that this grass is cut, and Nadia is glad with help with Stanley Black & Decker tools!

sbd-07 sbd-08

sbd-10    sbd-09

07.Aug.2012: Cleaning up a hair-dresser still covered in mud more than one year on! Pressure washers came in handy!




– provided by Tak

Okinawa meets Ishinomaki – April 21-22, 2012

On April 21 and 22, volunteers coming all the way from Okinawa and other Japan regions (Yaeyama Geino Kenkyukai, 八重山芸能研究会), a Thai group and other groups, including local people, collaborated with NADIA to hold the “Okinawa dance and food event” at Ichioji shrine and Asahi-Kasei temporary housing.

The event was successful and a lot of victims enjoyed the day, including the dance, Thai massage and Okinawa roasted pig.

Seeing people from Okinawa and from Ishinomaki dancing together was very rewarding for us.  A big “Thank you” to all participants and donators who made this possible!