Kumamoto Support

Nadians and Nadia Supporters
Many have asked about Nadia’s response to the Kumamoto Earthquakes.
Our immediate and direct response is to sponsor an initiative we call “Ishinomaki meets Kumamoto“, where we will be purchasing non-perishable food products made in Ishinomaki from our contacts in Ishinomaki, to send to a partner group in Kumamoto for distribution.
This group (Fukushima-Kumamoto Zero Yen Camp) has been involved in hosting children from Fukushima so like us, has strong ties with the Tohoku region.
Donations to Nadia from our supporters will be channeled to this initiative.
For those who are looking for alternate venues to help there are many groups working in the area which some (not all) we have provided links below.  These are suggestions not an official endorsement by Nadia.
As well we have a link to the Furusato Nozei program where one can channel their Ward-tax to Kumamoto Prefecture to help in infrastructure recovery.

NADIA (donation info page)

FURUSATO NOZEI (Nadia recommends to not request gift in return to reduce Kumamoto workload)

SECOND HARVEST JAPAN (second harvest working with Kumamoto Food Bank)

https://www.ammado.com/community/175355/donate (donation site)