We need your hands

During Golden week, you might have heard through TV that there were too many volunteers at Tohoku, and they didn’t get enough work to do.

I imagine lots of people might have wanted to join volunteer activity but  many hasitated, because they didn’t want to be nuisance.

Is it true that we have enough volunteers? The answer is NO. At least where we are working, at Ishinomaki area, there are so many houses to clean, and the number of needs are increasing.

On 8, may, the last day of golden week, we could only form one team, but all veterans. We were supposed to clean a store house and an office floor in the morning and a house in the afternoon.



Our task seemed to be difficult for small number of volunteers, but fortunately, 4 professional construction workers offered to join our team, and we completed cleaning in 4 hours! As soon as we finished, we hurried to next house to clean.



Before you hesitate, contact us. We always need your hands.