Summer blankets delivery

People may think that, at evacuation centers they already got enough supply for their temporal life, and they don’t need any thing anymore.

The answer is No.

Imagine when tsunami hit beautiful Tohoku land, people had to evacuate without carrying anything with them from their house , and it was chilling winter. Soon they have received winter supplies; like sweaters, down jackets, winter blankets, and winter socks.

And now humid and hot summer is arriving at Ishinomaki. And they don’t have any summer supply. They evacuated to Minato elementary school with their hands free. None of them could bring personal belongings out from house.

We heard the needs of 300 summer blankets, and thanks to generous friends and colleagues, we could deliver to them on 22/May.

Your financial support will be delivered directly to people at Ishinomaki by Nadia.

Please keep supporting people at Ishinomaki.