Trip on October 29-30 – Nadia event in Oshika peninsula


Dear Nadians,

As you may know, shelters in Ishinomaki have closed on October 11.
Most people are now staying in temporary housing complexes or in their (still devasted) house.

In order to bring some positive energy to as many people as possible, we are planning a NADIA event in Ishinomaki, in collaboration with the volunteer center of Oshika Peninsula, one of the most affected area in Ishinomaki : a roasted pig event on Saturday Oct. 29, followed on Sunday by a day of volunteering (remove mud in houses etc).

We expect as many of you as possible, so you can share thoughts with refugees, and participate to the local economy by staying in small ryokans (Japanese hotel) that used to be refugee centers.

Nadians are known to be cheerful and nice to be surrounded by so we hope to have as many of you as possible!

If you would like to organise a small activity for the refugees (games for children, bring special home made cakes, teach English, Hawaiian dance, bring music, etc), do not hesitate to contact us!

Looking forward to see you soon!


NADIA Volunteering Work on 29-30 October

Volunteering work time
- October 29 (Sat) 8:30 to 18:00 : preparation and participation to Nadia Event
(roast pig event)
- October 30 (Sun) 8:30 to 15:00: standard volunteer activity

- For this weekend, Nadia will not arrange a bus, since a lot of transportation
means are available to Ishinomaki.
- Please secure your own means of transportation to join the activity.
- We suggest you to use the Reben group bus, which leaves Hibiya park at 23:30
on Friday night, directly to Oshika, for 3,000 JPY
If you only want to attend the Roast Pork Event, you can take the same
bus back to Tsukuba station on Saturday evening (you will then have to take
the train to Tokyo). NOTICE: the registration to the bus will be available
on the internet (see link above) on Oct. 23 evening or Oct. 24 morning.
If you are interested, you should register on Oct. 24, as the registration
gets full within 2 days! If you want to attend the two days, you have all other
transportation means available below to get back to Tokyo on Sunday evening, after
- There are also night bus service between Shinjuku/Shibuya-Ishinomaki
operated by Miyako-bus-company
- There are several bus companies which operate Tokyo-Sendai with cost
of 4000-4500yen
- Also you can come by Shinkansen up to Sendai, and from sendai-ishinomaki,
there are Miyako-bus service every 30mins.
- If you do not take the Reben bus, you will have to take the bus from
Ishinomaki station to Oshika.
Count 1h20 min by local bus (one bus every 1 to 2 hours), around 600 JPY.

- This weekend, we will stay in Oshika peninsula, in a nice small ryokan that
used to be a refugee center (Plan2).
- Style: Generally Japanese Style (futon mats are provided in shared rooms)
- You can also select another hotel in the area (please take care of the reservation,
Plan 3)

Participation PLANS (Please select one)

-PLAN 2: NADIA accommodation, participation to Saturday event and Sunday volunteering
   * Cost: 14,500 JPY/person
    1 night accommodation in the hotel on Sat. (+ dinner and breakfast), participation
to roasted pig event, including food, and tools needed on Sunday for volunteering
Not included: transportation, lunch on Sunday and drinks

   * Meeting point: Oshika Volunteer center in Ishinomaki at 8:30 AM on Saturday
morning: To be provided later by e-mail

-PLAN 3: participation to Saturday event (and Sunday volunteering)
   * Cost: 7,000 JPY per weekend for two days, OR 5,000 JPY/person for one day.
      Includes: participation to roasted pig event, including food and tools
needed on Sunday for volunteering
Not included: Transportation, accommodation, drinks and lunch on Sunday
   * Accommodation: You MUST secure your own accommodation in advance.
Beware that most hotels and Ryokans are fully occupied by working groups.
NADIA will not be able to provide information on local accommodation.
It is NOT possible to camp near the area.
   * Transportation: please manage your own transportation between Tokyo and
Oshika and between Oshika and your accommodation facility,
   * Meeting point: Oshika Volunteer center in Ishinomaki at 8:30 AM on
Saturday morning: To be provided later by e-mail

-Volunteering insurance is MANDATORY to participate in NADIA activities.
Please refer to our blog for information on how to get volunteering insurance:

-By registering, you understand and agree that Nadia will not bear responsibility
for any damage or injury that may occur during transportation, as well as during
volunteering work.

- Follow instructions on our blog about what to wear and what equipment to bring:
- Do not forget to bring enough water or sports drinks!

Personal information policy:
- Your personal information will stay confidential and will be used only for
coordination purposes.

Age of participants
- Participants must be 20 years old and up
   * 18 to 19 years old need parental signature
   * 15 to 17 years old need to be accompanied with parents
   * 0 to 14 years old = not allowed to participate

Thank you in advance for your precious help and energy!