Our new HQ facilities !

NADIA is getting organized !

Adding to the 4F of the Suisan Bldg. that you know very well, we have now exclusive use of the 6F terrace apartment. It is large enough to lodge around 20 people in nice tatami rooms and has an all-round terrace with a view of Ishinomaki-by-the-sea! The nice breeze makes it very comfortable at night too.

On the 4F, there is another large room that will be transformed into a tatami room where another 10 people can rest.

Nearby, we also have 2 apartments with 2 rooms each, where an additional 20 people can stay.

All this will improve the convenience of getting up to Ishinomaki on Friday night or early in the morning of Saturday. Yes ! Bus riders will be able to take a nap before their hard-day work !

The bus will take us to a nearby “Michi-no-eki” with a beautiful onsen complex with retaurants and convenience store.

All you need : your sleeping bag and your favorite pillow

Optional: your teddy bear !

Welcome to NADIA HQ !

2 thoughts on “Our new HQ facilities !”

  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to volunteer. Thank you also to the great group of people who worked with us on the house. My daughter and I were very happy to help out. If anyone is thinking of volunteering but is still unsure – DO IT!!! We were more than comfortable, slept VERY well in the tatami room on the matress provided. Breakfast was plentifull, lunch bento delicious and the onsen was modern and very clean. We will be back! THANK YOU!!!! xxx

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