Black mud White dust Sturdy nails and Happy smiles!

NADIA wouldn’t be anything without the strength and vitality of all the volunteers who come along every week and work just as professionals.


The work is visibly progressing in Ishinomaki and this is thanks to everyone’s effort. It is obvious that the uncertainty of future reconstruction plans becomes heavier every day that passes by. But our help definitely brings hope and motivates the community not to give up and imagine the bright nice and green environment coming up.


Lots of houses remain to be cleaned out of mud and debris and we need to assure a constant presence in Ishinomaki. Lots of people now live in houses with open floors and are waiting their turn to get refurbishing help, that might not come before over 6 months at the earliest. NADIA is willing to give hands to accelerate this stagnating situation and is foreseeing the reconstruction steps that will begin soon. We are putting things into place to move further. Stay posted for our coming new plans !


For the time being, we are moving on to offer cosy terrace-apartment lodging in the middle of port town Ishinomaki! Check-out our new PLAN 1 for July !

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