July 14 – 16 Ishinomaki Volunteering


NADIA Volunteering Work on July 14 -16 (team-nadia.jp)

– Check your volunteer insurance (new annual year has started from April 2012!).
– Volunteer insurance validity is from April 1 until March 31, no matter when you purchase!
– NADIA won’t accept any volunteer without valid volunteer insurance.

– Type of work : SPECIAL THIS TIME: two types of activities during this long weekend! You may be asked to support local matsuri at Kadonowaki, Ishinomaki, or to participate to standard volunteer activity depending on local needs. Please bring the appropriate equipment (masks, gloves, boots, etc). Parents may join on Sunday with their children under 14 years old (8:30 AM to 4:00 PM). We recommend you to stay in local hotel (Please check plan 3 for more detail). The hotel in Ishinomaki may be crowded and so please book early.
– Limited seats! We will close the registrations when the number is reached, so first registered, first served.

Volunteering work time
– July 14 (Sat) 8:30 to 16:00
– July 15 (Sun) 8:30 to 17:00
– July 16 (Mon) 8:30 to 12:00

– Nadia will arrange a bus to Ishinomaki if enough volunteers join
– You can also join the trip by other means of transportation

– NADIA provides accommodation at the HQ Ishinomaki.(For PLAN 1 & 2 participants only)
– Style: Generally Japanese Style (futon mats are provided in shared rooms, but no futon cover, nor blanket, bring your own sleeping bag as well as futon sheets )

Participation PLANS (Please select one)
-PLAN 1: NADIA Bus + NADIA Accommodation
* Cost: 15,000 JPY/person
Includes: transportation by bus, 2 nights accommodation, 3 lunches (Breakfast & dinner are not included), onsen on Saturday and Sunday evening, and all the tools needed to work (sacks, shovels, crowbars, brushes…)
* Departure: From Shinjuku on July 13 (Fri) @ 23:00
* Arrival in Ishinomaki: on July 14 (Sat) @ 5:00AM (sleep at HQ)
* Departure from Ishinomaki: on Juy 16 (Mon) @ 14:00
* Arrival in Tokyo: around 20:00 on July 1 (depending on traffic condition).

-PLAN 2: NADIA Accommodation ONLY
* Cost: 5,000 JPY/person
Includes: 2 night accommodation, 3 lunches (Breakfast & dinner are not included), Onsen on Saturday and Sunday evening, and all the tools needed to work (sacks, shovels, crowbars, brushes…)
* Transportation: please manage your own transportation between Tokyo and Ishinomaki, Nadia Headquarter on Saturday morning, transportation to Onsen on Saturday and Sunday evening and for transportation from Ishinomaki back home. If we have extra seats in the bus, we can take you between onsen and Nadia Headquarter.
* Meeting point: at Nadia Headquarter for work at 8:30 AM on Saturday morning (details to be provided after registration).

-PLAN 3: NADIA Work ONLY – Participation to Sanja matsuri with children
* Cost: 2,000 JPY/adult, 1,000 JPY/child (under 15 year old)
Includes: matsuri participation and/or use of tools (Sacks, shovels, wheelbarrows, brushes, etc) and 3 lunches.
* Accommodation: You must secure your own accommodation in advance. Beware that most hotels and Ryokans are fully occupied by working groups. NADIA will not be able to provide information on local accommodation. It is not possible to camp near the Minato-sho shelter.
* Transportation: please manage your own transportation between Tokyo and Ishinomaki,
* Meeting point: Nadia Headquarter in Ishinomaki for work at 8:30 AM on Saturday or Sunday morning (details to be provided after registration).
-Volunteering insurance is MANDATORY to participate in NADIA activities. Please refer to our blog for information on how to get volunteering insurance: team-nadia.jp

-By registering, you understand and agree that Nadia will not bear responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur during transportation, as well as during volunteering work.

– Follow instructions on our blog about what to wear and what equipment to bring: team-nadia.jp
– Do not forget to bring enough water or sports drinks on working site!

Cancellation policy:
– Please understand that we are charged in full for bus cancellation and that NADIA doesn’t have the means to cover these costs. We will of course strive to lower these costs as much as possible by looking for replacement applicants. However, we ask you to agree on the following cancellation conditions:
* Transportation: 100% transportation fee will be charged for cancellation occurring less than 5 days before departure

Personal information policy:
– Your personal information will stay confidential and will be used only for coordination purposes.

Age of participants (standard volunteer activities)
– Participants must be 20 years old and up
* 18 to 19 years old need parental signature
* 15 to 17 years old need to be accompanied with parents
* 0 to 14 years old = not allowed to participate
– SPECIAL THIS TIME: Children (any age) are allowed to participate to the Sanja-Matsuri on Sunday July 15, if accompanied with parents.

Thank you in advance for your precious help and energy!