Volunteering in Joso – Report

On September 10 2015 the Kinugawa River banks bursted in Joso city after the heavy rainfall of Typhoon Etau. It caused massive flooding in the Joso area and other places in Tochigi and Ibaraki.

The weekend after the disaster nadia core member Mamiko was already up in Joso and started connecting and coordinating with local groups, other volunteers and the official volunteer center.

Before and during Silver week nadians gathered and drove up to Joso to help with the cleanup.

There were piles of garbage along the roads and in dedicated waste zones. Water always causes huge damage as we know.

We received work assignments from another volunteer group and the official Joso volunteer center. Work was hard and included removing of wooden flooring, removal of dirt and water underneath floors and various other tasks.

It’s only about an hour drive from central Tokyo to Joso, if you are interested in volunteering in Joso, then you can contact

1) official Joso volunteer center – http://joso.vc

or we also recommend

2) independent volunteer center (Genki Mura – contact person Mr. Hattori).
Mr. Hattori plans to continue helping to at least the end of the year, volunteers are welcome. They will supply basic tools so volunteers just need to bring their own boots, gloves, masks etc.
Please contact nadia for contact info.

joso 201509 - 01

The first assignment of the day, removing flooring, in front of a butsudan

joso 201509 - 02

Team nadia members in action

joso 201509 - 03

Otsukaresama! Mami after a trip underneath the narrow floor

joso 201509 - 04

Combined forces with team Rob

joso 201509 - 05

The hard working nadia crew

joso 201509 - 06

Floor removing for a family with a friendly cat

joso 201509 - 07

This is what we do

by Rolf