Ochakko Mochitsuki Taikai

By Joji

Date: January 17, 2015
Location: Minato-ku, Ishinomaki (Ochakko)
Attendees: Maya, Rolf, Joji

mochitsuki 01

The event was attended by approximately 30 people mostly elderly (2 children). It has been an annual event by the community since the building of the Ochakko community center and every year we have attended as participants.

mochitsuki 02

The event itself was simply an omochi making event but was a great opportunity to talk to locals about their experiences over the past 4 years. It was good to sit down and talk and get a frank, realistic picture of life post-tsunami. In the words of one elderly gentleman, “Nobody is ever ready for something like that to happen in their lifetime, and I was alive during the War”.

mochitsuki 03

It was quite encouraging that these people were in high spirits despite what hardships they had gone through. It was clear that they appreciated that we still took the time to visit even four years after the event where a lot of Japan has forgotten about them. It was a rewarding day and I look forward to going up again when I can.

mochitsuki 04

mochitsuki 05