Fukushima Kids in Italy Project 2013

Some of you may already know that we have been working on a project which offers Fukushima children a summer vacation in Italy this summer.

We are happy to announce that it is getting real, in partnership with Alitalia(offers free air tickets) and Onlus PUER(offers coordination with host family), not to mention our great team in NADIA and our dearest friends who believe this project.

We are not sure about reality of radiation and its harm around the area, but one thing we don’t want to let happen is to keep kids inside and limit their curiosity and desire to play and to eat whatever they want.

If we can be a part of their dream coming true, we would do anything.

Please share the link to let Fukushima people know about this project if you also believe in this.

Our partner Onlus PUER also looking for Roma based families who can host Fukushima kids for a month. Anyone volunteers, do let PUER know!

Fukushima Kids in Italy Project 2013