Fukushima Kids in Italy 2013 Project Report

All 18 Fukushima Kids and NADIA staffs are safely back to Japan after spending 4 weeks of wonderful time with 15 loving Italian host families!
During their stay, they enjoyed beach and park and historical monuments, not to mention fresh fruits and vegetables, and Pasta and Pizza everyday. One of kids told us that he grew 3cm height in 4 weeks!
NADIA staffs organized and participated several events in Italy for Fukushima kids as well as host families.

On our departure day at Narita 28/July.

Natsumatsuri in Rome (Japanese Festival)
It was mainly organized by host families, inviting all the friends and relatives in order to introduce Japanese culture.

NADIA held traditional YoYo fishing/ Wanage, and local kids loved it.

Nihon Buyou performance by one of Fukushima kids. For many of audiences, it was the first time to see Nihon Buyou, and they were all fascinated by her performance and its beauty.

Traditional wanage game. Italian kids enjoyed it so much under NADIA staff’s instruction.

Vatican Museum visit

Kids enjoyed the museum very much and were so interested in art coming from Catholic culture. They raised so many questions about paintings and bible.

Farm visit

Getting instruction how to make Mozzarella cheese and Ricotta cheese, they were so curious as they were to make their own cheese after a while!

There were so many animals in the farm, and they learned the differences of their eggs, some were huge, and kids were so surprised to know how many hotcakes they could make with this one egg!

On the departure at Rome airport with host families

Fukushima kids and project staff would like to say to you all, “ Grazie dal cuore al vostro aiuto e non vedo ora di tornare in Italia!!”