Ishinomaki Kids Hockey tournament in Shin Yokohama!

Our NADIA core member Joji Hiratsuka’s hockey team is organizing a mini-kids tourney for Ishinomaki hockey kids at Shin Yokoyama, in conjunction with some hockey school people around Tokyo .
They are bringing a team of kids from Ishinomaki to play against  kids from the Kanto area.
There will be a bbq after nearby.

We are trying to get people to come watch the games and enjoy the bbq.  All proceeds will go to help build new skating facilities for kids in the Ishinomaki area.  

Ticket price will be 5,000 yen for the games and bbq.   It is a fun casual tournament, its not the NHL but should be worth to see, so if anyone is interested,  let us know ! 


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The schedule for the games:

Saturday September 10
Children’s Tournament 13:30- 
Adult Exhibition            17:00-
BBQ                            18:00-

Come over !