For the weekend of 23-25/Sep

Some of you may know, the situation in Ishinomaki has been improved compared to 5 months ago when we first visited there. Some shops restarted their business again, some moved to temporary house, some returned to their house.

We don’t see debris around town, evacuation centers are about to close, and needs from house owners are changing.

But going there every week, every second we realize there are still a lot to do, and we are facing to move to new phase.

In order to keep providing victim oriented support, we are in the middle of research coordinating with local authority, other volunteer groups, trying to find out what is really needed, how we can accomplish the mission.

For the weekend of 23-25/Sep, it will going to be a research trip by Nadia members, and volunteer trip won’t be organized.

However, as we said, there’s  still a lot to do at Ishinomaki. For instance, all volunteer groups are trying to clean gutters, as even after 6 months of Tsunami, local governments are still not ready to proceed to do.

Nadia won’t organize a trip, nor a bus to Ishinomaki, but if any volunteer is ready to go by your own transportation and ready to clean gutters with your own initiative, we are happy to have you at Nadia HQ, and provide equipments for cleaning gutters.

Nadia members may not be able to work with you as we are going to do some research, but we will be there. If you need any assistance or guidance, we are available too.

Those who are ready to take initiative to clean gutters, please let us know by e-mail. And you will receive entry form for gutter cleaning weekend.

(transportation won’t be provided, but Nadia are happy to support your preparation, like getting insurance and informing your work to local Volunteer Center…)