Chain of Good heart

As you may already know, we have volunteers from various countries, from various companies.

People joined Nadia, they share their experience and the situation of Ishinomaki with their friends and colleagues once they returned their office after weekend.

And those who heard their story become our next volunteers.

In the second week of April, one guy who works for Société Générale joined us. And after coming back to Tokyo, he immediately took an action. He organized a charity event with his friends and colleagues and they kindly donated collected money to Nadia.

A chain of good heart didn’t finish with it. His Colleagues knew about Nadia and his commitment to Nadia, and 11 of them decided to join us the other day.

They were assigned to clean up a huge car maintenance company.



1st day was too hot, sweaty, thirsty, sleepy, tired… And 2 nd day was non stop rain, few hours of sleep, headache… But there’s work to be done, and they had a great team leader. Under his leadership as well as their teamwork and insight to read what to do next, they have done a great job.



 Good will produces a positive chain reaction. And teamwork produces great efficiency.

Welcome to Nadia, and we hope your story will be a part of  new positive chain.