Main Achievements

  • Over 50 regular volunteering trips to assist with debris clearing, private house rehabilitation and support local revitalization of affected neighborhoods and small businesses in Miyagi, Tohoku, (every week in 2011 and at least once a month in 2012 and 2013)
  • Major Projects achievements:
    • Coordination, support and participation in multiple events/festivals such as
      Sanja Festival (July 2012, 2013, 2014), Onagawa Music Festival (June 2013), Ishinomaki Christmas Celebration (Dec. 2011, Dec. 2012), Ishinomaki Marathon (Nov. 2012), Ishinomaki Canada and Quebec Day Festival (June 2012) and many more
    • Fukushima Kids in Italy Project (Aug. 2013, Aug. 2014, planning for 2015)Italy summer homestay program to support kids from areas affected by the Tohoku Earthquake
    • Playground Infrastructure Rebuilding Projects (Over 10 sites executed in 2013-2014)
      With the support of our partners Playground of Hope and It’s not Just Mud and corporate supporters, we re-established much needed kid’s playground facility.
    • Morgan House Project (Completed December 2013)
      Support relocalization of adults with down syndrom from temporary housing to new facility managed and run by NPO caregiver Yumeminosato
    • Ishinomaki Higashi Hokuen Project (Completed March 2014)
      Complete a much needed kindergarten facility in the Ishinomaki Higashi area. The project will provide education for young children and also support of local community workers reinsertion in local businesses
    • Football Festival (In Progress, Nov 2014)
      Football tournament between Tohoku Kids who were affected by the Tohoku Earthquake of 3.11.2011 and International Kids from international schools around Tokyo. Tournament is designed to provide unforgettable days of fun both on and off the field
    • Rikuzentakata Community Center Project (In progress, September 2014)
      In partnership with Japan Football Association and other supporters, develop a community center for local community to promote local  events and sporting activities