Alternative stay plan/宿泊について

As there is difficulty to make ryokan reservation during summer season, currently we are only offering a plan which stay at our Headquarter.

But we are aware that some of our volunteers appreciates hotel/ryokan with shower and a bit of privacy.

Here are some hotels which are close to Ishinomaki station. Ishinomaki station is located 5mins by taxi from our HQ, 25mins by walk.

Many restaurants as well as shops are back to their business.

Nadia will not reserve rooms for you on behalf, but those who prefer staying Ryokan can make reservation by calling them directly. There may be left only few rooms available, we advice you to make a reservation as soon as possible!

Ishinomaki Grand Hotel : 0225(93)8111

Ishinomaki Sun Plaza Hotel : 0225(93)3311

Ayers Rock Hotel : 0225(23)5030

There are some other hotels in Ishinomaki city, if you are coming by your own car, it may take less than 30mins from our HQ.

Hotel Route inn Ishinomaki : 0225(92)0075