Three months have passed

We may live close, we may have our office near by, we may have friends in common, but three months ago most of us were total strangers.  But today we are here at Ishinomaki for one purpose. To bring  “Hope” to Ishinomaki.


47 crew gathered at our headquarter, some are veterans, some are new.  June 11 was the 3rd month since the tsunami wrecked the lives of hundred of thousands of people. It may not be in the TV news anymore, but people up there still need a lot of help. People are trying to keep their chin up and doing more than their best to go forward. Clocks in Ishinomaki city still point at 3:50, but their clock in heart never stops.


The amount of work to be done may seem hopeless and our small contribution to this may make us feel helpless.

But every week we receive hundreds and hundreds of “Thank you” words from people at Minato school area. We had cleaned a main hall of a temple, and cleaned up a huge graveyard, which may not be directly connected to their daily life, but the chief priest told us that people are actually crying for what we’ve done.

When we visited minato elementary school for the first time, the weather was still cold and entire city seemed gray with debris and muds. But three months after tsunami, a clear blue sky welcomed us, it was clear and shinny enough to keep our head up.


Our help is always needed.


member of 11-12/June