Donations for Amgalan-kun

In 2015, Amgalan (7 years old), from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, was suffering from bouts of nausea, and from the results of an MRI, was diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor. After that, he had one successful surgery in Japan, but due to finding a recurrence and metastasis, came back to Japan in December of 2016 for chemotherapy and radiation. However, having had radiation therapy at a hospital in Tsukuba city, we were told nothing more could be done because it would have a negative effect. Without giving up, we found another doctor at a hospital in Tokyo who is now considering his treatment. Nonetheless, the funds we have collected for his medical care have already run out. Because his treatment will become long-term, we would like to ask for your donations to help us with the economics, like living expenses and medical treatment costs. Thank you for your kind support and we very much look forward to your cooperation.

Baatar Banzragch, Amgalan’s father
Naran Erdene, Amgalan’s mother

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