Two month have passed since eathquake

Dear all,

Two months ago at noon. Who could have imagined the scenes we can still see in Ishinomaki today? None of our NADIA members did, and none of us intended to have to take concrete actions. Nonetheless, we all somehow got shocked by the situation and decided to try to help and support them.

Two months have past. TV programmes are not broadcasting tsunami topics as often as before, but this doesn’t mean people there are not suffering anymore. Still many houses are left damaged, many people are still living in schelters.

Many clocks at Ishinomaki still points at 3:50p.m., the time tsunami hit the city. They lost many loving family/friends, houses and precious remories, which may not be returned to them. But we ‘d like to believe they don’t loose their hope and dream if we keep giving our hands and support.

Today, 2 months after the tragedy, please save 10 minutes of your time to think what you can do for them, and let’s pray for them together.

And most importantly, let’s go and give your actual hands to them.